How to Find the right Digital Marketing Agency

Finding a digital marketing agency adequate enough to make or break your business online exercises due diligence. Choose your agency as you would a date. Be picky, have standards, but willing to commit on both ends (this includes your marketing agency).

Here’s what to look for in your digital dating partner.

1. Review The Results.

You are looking to hire an additional marketing company for what? RESULTS.Go ahead, take a gander at the company’s history. What is the company’s successful track record since they’ve opened shop? You’re looking for the strong string of success stories, not a few lucky clients amongst a pool of mediocrity.

2. More Experience In Your Niche, The Better.

Success with making their clients profitable is important, but the experience still needs to be there. This can be experienced via being an exec from a credible company (resumes are hardly overrated) or at least a few years in their industry, supporting their own company.

This excludes companies who are in partnerships with local SEO, this usually means they identify their strengths and do not mind outsourcing their weaknesses. But if you find a company that likes to keep it all in-house; one that is successful with e-commerce sites may not a fit for local brick-and-mortar businesses.

Again, just like dating, we never complain when our partner is just a little bit more experienced. They know what they’re doing with confidence. Your digital marketing company should be the same way.


3. Judge Their Book By Their Cover.

It is marketing after all! Content creation for campaigns is huge, if you do not like the company’s look or feel, chances are, your styles will not come together easily. Similar to artist, marketers have a style, a certain look they lean towards. 

THIS IS OK! Just like you have a preferred car type, artist, or even cuisine - it is the same for digital marketing companies. Find one with a style you already gravitate too.

4. Do They Lead By Example?

In other words, how does their marketing look for their marketing? For example, if they say they can build a website, a funnel and/or campaign, peep on over to their content. How does their website look and how easy is it to navigate? Is their website up to standards you would want for your own? Check out their social media! Is it updated frequently? Does it provide, “fresh daily”, relevant content? Do you like how their content speaks to you?


If you already answered ‘no’ to any of these question, on top of not being convinced that you should become a client, then exit out. That digital marketing company is not your type.


In most marketing campaigns, content creation is necessary as part of the online strategy. That is why you should sign with an agency that markets with original content and feels the need to keep learning in order to stay relevant with current trends.


In addition to checking out their site, click through their site. Do you find their call to actions effective (assuming there are any)? Is the agency doing a good job at reeling you in online?


Finally, while you are on their site, pay attention to the agency’s use of multimedia. You are looking for a tasteful collage of images, infographics, and videos through the company’s website and social media platforms.


5. Review Reviews.

References really matter, so check them! Talk to past and present clients, how satisfied are they? Are they feeling the overwhelming joy of increased revenue the agency promised them? The best marketing is still word by mouth, as we are more likely to believe our peers over anything else.


6. Numbers Don’t Lie.

Ask the digital marketing agency how they deliver reports. Ask for the types of reports you can expect and how often they can produce them. Don’t be hesitant to ask for sample reports as well, as a client, the numbers have to make sense to you.


7. Where Do They Land On Google?

One of the easiest ways to test a digital marketing company’s capabilities: Google keywords related to its services. If the company does not come up on page 1 of Google search results, game over. If the results (true of any industry) is not on page 1, they are dead in the digital world. You can hide a dead body on page 3, no one goes there.


The efforts of being able to of show up on page 1 of Google search results includes the following (which bodes well for a digital marketing company’s appearance):

  • They are running ads

  • Strong SEO

  • Relevant keywords

  • They are hungry, they want to be found!


8. Have You Heard Of Their Clients?

Exclude the newer startups, because you might be the big client they were striving for! Otherwise, for the longer standing digital marketing agencies, scroll down their homepage and look for a list of high-profile clients. If they have been around for awhile and you do see such a list, I would move on to the next agency.


This matters for agencies because with at least a few well-known clients, they know how to deliver results.  


9. Do They Offer What You Need?

Whether a digital marketing company offer a specialization in-house or outsourced, do they have the ability of getting it done by an expert? The business does not need an entire menu of marketing services, but the scrappy ones know someone to refer, work-with, etc.


The ones who really want to engage every aspect of a campaign in order to make it successful, have someone who specializes in the service you need or has an outsourced partner. Or at the very least, the agency has enough good character to be honest with you, informing you they are not the right agency for you.


*Hot Tip: it is sometimes beneficial and cost effective to be to the idea of two agencies that specialize in the multiple services you do need. A La Carte those services! It is like restaurant hopping, more than likely your favorite spot for dessert is not the same for your ultimate soul food entree. Both are great and you need both in your life.*


10. Same Rules Apply!

You get what you pay for. If you for searching for a digital marketing company on thin margins, you may be tempted to hire the cheapest agency you can find. Go ahead and do it, but don’t say you weren’t warned.


Find a company that offers value. This company will probably come in at the top of your budget, but you should at least get a return on investment. As the cliches go, you need to spend money to make money. And, go cheap, you’ll just waste more money.


Who’s Going To Be Your Digital Marketing Mate?

There are obvious reasons why businesses use marketing agencies. Marketing often achieves significant results, adding additional help with expansion and overflow. They are also usually less expensive than trying to build an in-house marketing team.


At the very least, a digital marketing agency adds additional, valuable expertise with a new perspective on your business to the table.


Digital Juice is here to provide relevant and transparent insight on how Shoppers should find a marketing agency.




Hello, my name is Nate Barnes, I wanted to share three things with the entrepreneurs and corporate hustlers thinking about starting a business. I realized there are many people working 9-5 that are looking for opportunity but are lacking the "research" to make that decision to jump into entrepreneurship.

Here's a quick bio of what I did before running my Consulting business;

Before running my business, I was a senior executive at Yelp. I helped small businesses grow and get new customers. I impacted many small business owners and understood business models while working there. I made about around 75k a year working there, it was great for me for being in my mid 20's. I'm 29 now yikes! haha So, I started to notice that many of my colleagues started branching off into starting their own business and I found myself saying "I can do it too". Fast forward a year, and I'm glad I made that decision to quit. What I realized, was the skills I used at Yelp are the same exact skills I needed to start my own consulting business.

Here are three things you need to know about starting a profitable Consulting business in today's fast-paced society.

  1. Misconceptions about starting up a consulting business
  • You don't need credibility to become a consultant
  • You don't need an office and high-tech equipment
  • You don't need to charge by the hour
  • You don't need a long complex consulting process to help people.

2. Select a Niche

You don't want to just be "freelance" or a "business consultant"

Niching up is the best way to bring more value to the table. Your potential customers know that you can specialize in one thing. For example, "helping Cosmetic Surgeons to get more Botox Clients". The value that you have to offer is more credible because you provide value in a space that makes the potential customer trust you more. When you niche up, people will come to you asking for advice, and you will also get more referrals.

  • Find an industry you like and know.
  • Find out what the challenges are, and also find the solutions
  • Study the market and fully understand it.
  • Take Massive action to be the best consultant for that niche


3. Right now is the best time to Start your Consulting business.

According to Forbes, the Consulting Industry will grow from 100 billion to about 183 billion dollar industry by 2018. Gary Vaynerchuk says it best, " You have to run your business like a media company." In today's society, the low entry to reach big networks is easy, you simply create a facebook and build a following, advertising on Facebook for pennies on the dollar, and use landing pages to funnel in prospects. Many tech companies have scaled at massive rates because of low operating cost and generated revenue at exponential rates. I chose to quit my job at a tech company to start paying myself to do exactly just that. My operating costs are about $500 dollars a month.


That's my schedule for the week. I took the leap and have left the rat race in less than a year! I'm not showing you my calendar to boast, I'm showing you this because I want to show you that it is possible with the right tools and methods to start a successful consulting business.

So quick recap, you don't need credentials or a name for yourself. You don't need an office or high tech equipment, you just need a laptop and a phone. Find your niche and understand your industry. Figure out the challenges and find the best solutions to have the best service in that niche

Right now is the best time to start up a consulting business. The industry will grow %83 percent by 2018 according to Forbes, meaning there is plenty of room for you to make some money.

I hope this article touches you and if you've considered entrepreneurship, I'd highly recommend to "just do it."

If you have any questions and want to pick my brain, set some time up to chat on the phone or in person! Click here to get access to schedule a free consultation.